What's New

My friend's book!

My friend Julie Moree White's book Freedom Calls is now out and available! You can get it here. It's a great coming of age story. You'll like it!

Interviewed On BBC

I was interviewed by Justin Dealey of the BBC last week. You can listen to it online — about 1 hour 45 minutes long.

Made USA Today!

My recent interview made it to USA Today, check it out...

Radio Interview on Healthtopia

Listen to my radio interview on Healthtopia!

New Site!

Well this web site is new! I wanted a place for all of you, my wonderful fans, to find my music, especially my newewst music and my books. I hope you enjoy it!

On the Radio

Hey everyone... things are looking up... Adam White has been arranging many Radio and Talk shows for me.. I am Doing the Greg Mantell talk show...He Is Awsome.

New Songs

There are bunch of new songs that I've written in the store! I've written even more that we'll get put on the web page when they're ready.

I'm Writing a New Book

I've already written a chilrens book and an autobiography that you can find in the store, and I'm almost done with a suspense novel, "Oliver's Army: The Book and the Quill." I think you'll enjoy it, and I'll let you know on the newsletter when it's ready.

My Childrens Book is Now and Ebook

Herman book cover

My children's book, The Life and Tails of Herman the Worm is now an ebook! It's also available in print.

Movie News — Samuel L. Jackson, Rihanna, and My Song

I just found out that a song that I wrote and was in the movie "The Last Dragon" has been released on the movie sound track, and the movie is being redone with Rihanna and Samuel L. Jackson. It should be fun to see what they do with my song, which is called "Fire."


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